The Sycamore 53 Spinney Hill

4 bedroom detached home with detached double garage

The Sycamore

Note: Images and floorplans are of the property style, not necessarily this specific property. Individual properties may differ in terms of exterior finish (brick colour or render), roofing material, handing, plot size and appointment with relation to other properties and surrounding features.

Property style The Sycamore
Exterior finish Red brick
Roofing material Plain tile - Slate grey
Handing * Right

* Right handing indicates the living room & chimney is to the right of the property frontage. Left handing indicates the living room & chimney is towards the left of the property frontage.

Ground floor plan First floor plan

House 171.74 m2 1,849 sq ft
Garage 31.86 m2 343 sq ft

The Sycamore total area 203.60 m2 2,192 sq ft

A beautiful 4 bedroom home with a large, modern kitchen and breakfast area, leading through to a family room through double doors. A spacious living room and separate dining room complete the first floor layout.

A stunning staircase leads to four generously proportioned bedrooms including master suite with luxuriously appointed en suite.

Bespoke design with high quality fittings, Level 4 Sustainable Home Credentials including air source heating, low carbon emissions and responsibly sourced materials.

  • 4 bedrooms
  • Detached double garage
  • Large kitchen and breakfast area
  • Master bedroom with en suite